Effective Communication

How to create a motivational culture with effective communication to maximise productivity

As a business grows and more people are employed, naturally different personalities and behaviours enter your organisation. This is great for variety and to foster an environment where you can utilise different behaviours for success.

However, often with different personalities and work behaviours conflict and misunderstandings can arise.

One way of developing this is using an effective behavioural profiling tool.

Having been a delegate on a DiSC® workshop, I was instantly inspired and ensured it was kept alive in our organisation. I made the decision to become a facilitator to be able to share such an amazing concept with other like minded businesses.

I have completed similar profiling in the past and nothing has stuck like this before. DiSC® is simple and effective. It starts with self-awareness. As soon as your employees have self-awareness of their own behaviours it will immediately impact the way they communicate with colleagues.

A personal report is created after the completion of an in-depth questionnaire. It will promote self-awareness, through personal insights into their own behavioural strengths and challenges. The workshop will also ensure that delegates have a full understanding of all styles, so they can recognise behaviours of each style. They will then be able to adapt their personal style to communicate effectively with people that have a different communication style to them.

There are multiple benefits to the organisation as it will create a common language in order foster effective communication internally and externally. For your employees, it demonstrates you have invested in their development and it will also benefit them throughout their career and personal life for the future.

The impact of behavioural profiling is powerful and will enhance a motivating and productive culture in an organisation, if rolled out correctly.

Having ran a recent workshop with 26 people it was amazing to see the Director stand up and discuss sections of his report which stated some of his behaviours and communication styles could be seen as insensitive, aggressive and forceful. He said that we would never want to come across aggressive or insensitive and explained it is often due to the fact he is fast paced and very results driven. I felt the relief and atmosphere in the room change. It was a real defining moment for them all.

This particular company have embraced DiSC® throughout their organisation. They all have their DiSC® style on their computer, they have it in their appraisal and have agreed to pick this up at the next team meeting to discuss findings throughout the month.

The feedback from the Director was that it was the best thing they have ever done as an organisation.

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