Ascott Blake HR Specialists believe to drive your business forward, you need to invest in your employees. There are many training and development tools that you can use to improve the way your employees work and perform.

Employee engagement and culture can be created and changed through using training and development within your company. We can help you determine this by understanding what behavioural changes you are looking for. We would then recommend solutions which transform your business.

Through consultation and discussion, we gain a full understanding of your business and what you are trying to achieve. Once we understand the desired outcomes, we will then start designing and recommending approaches and facilitation formats specific to your business.

Throughout the consultation process, we will be objective and work in partnership with you to decide whether you have relevant internal resource and tools to roll out training, whether you need external support from us or both.

Some training and development approaches we can support you with:

Appraisal and Performance Management

We can assist you to develop a robust appraisal and performance management system which would then highlight some potential areas where your employees need development. This would start from probation through to an ongoing appraisal system.

There are many benefits to an organisation by having a robust and effective appraisal and performance management system:

  • Enhancing employee engagement
  • Identifying future potential and leaders
  • Succession planning
  • Attitude and behavioural change
  • Enhancing commercial awareness
  • Highlight development opportunities
  • Create a professional and consistent approach
  • Enhance employer branding

DiSC® Facilitation

We have certified DiSC® trainers that can facilitate a workshop for your business. DiSC is an excellent tool to successfully help your employees learn to communicate effectively in the workplace with each other and with your external stakeholders. The report which is created after the completion of an in-depth questionnaire, will promote self-awareness, through personal insights into their own behavioural strengths and challenges. The workshop will also ensure that delegates have a full understanding of all styles, so they can recognise behaviours of each style. They will then be able to adapt their personal style to communicate effectively with people that have a different communication style to them. This will reduce conflict and misunderstandings and will enhance a productive environment.

There are various reports we can create to support:

  • Leadership development
  • Management training
  • Conflict management
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication

There are multiple benefits to the organisation as it will create a common language in order foster effective communication internally and externally. For your employees, it demonstrates you have invested in their development and it will also benefit them throughout their career and personal life for the future.

Management and Leadership Development

Management vs Leadership. We work with our clients to establish the answer to this in their organisation. We believe you need both sets of skills in an organisation.

We spend the time to understand your business priorities and assist you to develop people strategies. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach which is why it is so important we thoroughly understand the business, the industry, and the desired outcomes.

When we design and facilitate Management and Development workshops, we ensure we always have your business goals aligned to the people strategy identified.

We challenge your thinking. Do you only need one leader in your organisation? What if all your employees where were leaders in their roles? What difference could that make to your organisation. If you have a flat structure it is unlikely you will have a volume of management roles, so how else can you develop your people?

If you create a team of effective and motivating Managers what would they look like? We have facilitated workshops which enhance the understanding of what a manager is? what behaviors should they demonstrate? how they should communicate? We assist them to create a high performing team, by developing their skills.

We have many ideas that we have used in-house and created for our clients that have been successful and some have created new costs saving projects and revenue generating ideas which have been implemented.

Each company is unique and we would help you create something specific to you.

Other training and development we can help you with would include:

  • Giving effective feedback
  • Coaching skills
  • HR policy
  • Recruitment and Interview skills